Friday, October 25, 2013

Feature Friday: Red Dolly Swimwear

Living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I jokingly say there are two kinds of seasons here: hot and humid and hot and arid. There are occasionally pockets of cold weather, sometimes an actual season of Fall and Winter, but mostly it's mosquito weather all year long! Although I'm not particularly the kind of girl that just goes to lay out in the sun all day long, I love to bring my sweet little niece to the beach for some fun and a picnic between splashing in the waves!

Today I wanted to introduce to you all about the most darling shop for swimwear! Heather Stepanik at Red Dolly Swimwear is the mastermind behind this incredibly fun retro inspired line for women and children. Her women's line is feminine and sexy while still leaving room for the imagination, allowing a woman to feel comfortable in public, and her children's swimwear has so much sass and happiness rolled into it! Influenced by classy pin-up pictures, Heather creates fabulous swimwear that is beautifully made, stylishly fun, and modest at the same time.

1. How do you define art?
Art is Creating in some way or another. I think everyone can be artistic in their own way, whether it be painting or writing, or even speaking. Art is for Everyone!

2. How would you describe your art?
I love creating, and I also love fashion, so I started my swimwear lines in a way that I can create something others love and can use, and still live out my passion of being a designer.

3. Name three adjectives that describe your artistic point of view.
Simple, Classic, & Timeless

4. Who has most personally influenced and inspired you as an artist?
My Mother.. She always gave us creative freedom, and introduced us to all kinds of things, places, and ideas that left my mind open to the possibility of becoming whatever I wanted.

5. Has your artistic sensibility changed since you first began?
As a Young artist I was interested in the messy, crazy & weird designs that I could create. As I evolved I found that I and most people were more drawn to the simple pieces. I found a way to tone down my ideas and design pieces that were simple but still stood out.

6. What inspires your art?
I guess I am my biggest customer. I started designing swimwear because I wanted a suit for myself, and had a hard time finding something modest, yet cute. So most of my designs are based on finding fabrics, and trims that I love and making suits that I would want to wear.

7. Do you have a favorite artist from another field?
There are too many to love... so no I cant just pick one. : )

8. Who is your favorite competitor from your field?
I love Stop Staring dresses. they have a classic look, with a modern feel.

9. Do you have any occupation hazards or mishaps?
Not yet!

10. What did you wish you would have known when starting out?
How to Run a Business! But figuring everything out has taught me a lot, and made the journey more meaningful.

11. What is your favorite item currently for sale in your shop?
My Favorite suit has been and still is My Red and white polka dot One piece suit.

12. Who is your favorite author? What was your favorite book as a child?
Another Hard one. I don't have many favorites, I like such a mixture of everything!

13. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A Fashion Designer ; )

14. Where is the farthest you have travelled? Where did you dream about visiting as a child?
So Far its Kauaii. I have always dreamed of going to Egypt. I'm fascinated by the pyramids and would love to go someday!

15. Which musician or musical group inspires you the most? What was your favorite childhood song?
The Beatles.

16. Where can people find you and your art online?


  1. I love all the polka dots! And the retro styles are so cool!

  2. So adorable! I love every single one of these! I've been looking for a place to find a modest, retro swimsuit. Looks like I can stop the search right here and now :) So cute!!

    New follower from EBT :)


  3. I love the retro style and of course I love polka dots, especially red/white :) I'm in love with her polka dot two piece swimsuit for women!
    I was my first customer too :)