Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not My Party, I'll Cry If I Want To

Maybe I just had too high of an expectation for this weekend when my little papoose was going to go to her cousin's first birthday bash. I imagined tons of cute pictures, great memories made, and lots of adorable little smiles and giggles. Didn't happen. For some reason, my little papoose decided to scream and cry off and on for the whole four to five hours we were there. She even made the birthday boy upset and tear up!
I eventually had to take her on a little car ride to calm her down, but she just started back up again when we returned to the party. Adventures in mommyhood, I guess. Everyone loved the Pennant Party Dress I made for her though, so I'm glad that, at least, was a success. I was hoping for at least one good picture, but no such luck. This was the best and most indicative of both our feelings of the day!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pennant Party Dress

My little papoose was invited to her first party ever for her cousin's one year birthday this weekend so of course that meant a party dress! I came across the Merrymaker Stencil Dress from Handmade Charlotte on Pinterest and was inspired to make one of my own. I couldn't resist how festive it was while still celebrating childhood. Of course I changed it up a bit and infused my own aesthetic into it, and I love the way it turned out.
I used my own pattern and created a bit more texture with the lace bodice and the cord for the pennant. I wanted the pennant to flow so I waved the flags up and down around the skirt. All the colors were taken from the gorgeous hydrangea fabric seen in the belt. Luckily, all the fabric I already had on hand, so this dress cost me nothing except a trip to my stash! I think this dress is perfect for Spring, and I can't wait for my little papoose to wear it and have the best time at the party!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter Dress 2015

Yes, it's been awhile since Easter, but it seems like there was one thing after another. My washing machine decided to continue pouring water even though the barrel was full, so I unknowingly walked right into a 2" puddle in my kitchen that had spilled over from the laundry room. It's also supposed to rain for the next two weeks, so I am officially over water at this point. Luckily I managed a few shots of the Easter dress I made for my little papoose when there was the tiniest break in the clouds.

I waited until the last minute to make this dress, like day before kind of last minute. I didn't really know what design I wanted, I just knew I wanted something vintage inspired and angelic and oh-so-sweet! I gathered all my whites and neutrals hoping to be inspired, and I settled on this lace fabric as my starting point because I knew I had enough of it for the dress. I sketched out something quickly and decided to go with it.

For something that was quickly thrown together, I love the way it turned out. I think it hit all the points I wanted, so yay for that. I added a sweet little double ruffle bloomer shorts with the same lace trim that's seen in the dress, and it just completed the outfit so beautifully. The lace fabric and both lace trims are special because they were all from my mom's stash. While I was sewing, I kept thinking the outfit was so sweet and classic that maybe one day she'll want her little girl to wear it on a special occasion. But I don't want to think about that right now! My baby!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Autumn Outfit Custom Order

With the temperature rising, I'm thinking back to cooler times, and I remembered this precious little papoose in her custom outfit. Her mom wanted something that had the beautiful fall colors in it, and  I think it turned out so beautiful, especially with that pop of deep fuschia in the suspender ruffles. The bubble shorts are classic, and I love how it's paired so perfectly with the Long Sleeve Polka Dot Drawstring Blouse.
Fall is my favorite season, and these pictures by Virgila Dale Photography capture the beauty of it so well. I love those bright eyes, they're so sweet and innocent. I think I need to put together a family session soon with matching outfits for everyone!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Four Months Old

Back in February my loving husband bought me a new Nikon D3200 camera for my birthday. My old one was pretty sad, it had spots that were permanently in every picture I took no matter how much I cleaned the camera. I had to crop them out of the photos every time I edited, it was a huge pain. With this new camera, the pictures are so much sharper and cleaner looking. Plus, it is so much lighter, and that's what I'm probably most excited about.

I love taking pictures, although I'm not a professional at all. I admit it cleanly and freely. I'm still one of those photographers who likes to think they can be artistic with a camera, and having a new baby definitely brings out my artistic side whenever I want to take her monthly pictures. It's incredibly convenient to have a model in my home that I can use for my clothing, although my niece will still be the original little papoose!

Happy four months old to this little papoose!