Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Organizing and Creating

I recently cleaned out my craft room and got rid of so much unnecessary stuff. I know everyone does it to some extent, but I come from a long line of hoarders (from both sides of my family), so I feel like I could win a trophy of some sort when it comes to storing up craft supplies. I'm a little squirrel stocking up for perpetual winter because every crafter out there knows (despite what my husband thinks), you can ALWAYS find a use for something somewhere along the road!

So it was bitterly painful to part with some things, and other things I just got angry at for keeping up as much space as it did for so long. My closet now looks quite organized and neat, but I still have a long ways to go. I desperately need a new organizing system for all my notions, especially buttons, and I would love to find/build some bookshelves or cubbyholes for all my fabric. There is no way you can get me to scale down on fabric, it's just not possible, and I am not insane for having basically all of Hobby Lobby's fabric stock in my house. And parts of Hancock Fabrics.

And JoAnn's.

My husband has very generously given me another room to use for my studio, so I am itching to have that set up soon! Which, of course, means more storage space for all my fabric. I keep searching online for ideas in other people's sewing studios and am in love with how some operate. My house is an A-frame with angled ceilings, so that limits wall space dramatically. Still, my thinking cap is on, and I'm excited to expand my studio space and business.

So now that I'm purging, I feel the need to create, thus a brilliant idea! I am officially working on Papoose Clothing's first Spring/ Summer collection! I am super excited about this new adventure, and I am drawing up a storm with new design concepts. I don't officially have a date set, but I am hoping to have it all out within a few weeks! Go, me!

Studio - threads
Kristine Lempriere's studio, Townmouse Children's Wear

Love the thread cubbyholes and pattern storage!

Debi's sewing space, Life In My Studio

Great idea for lace and trim organization!

Sandy Stone's studio, Fabric Remix

Oh, to have this big, open studio!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Building the website...

I officially started building Papoose Clothing's website yesterday around noon. That is, after two days of thinking I had already started, but as it turns out, I was completely lost! So, I was truly on the right path yesterday around noon, and I didn't stop until past 10:00 pm. Talk about a crick in your neck, I don't know how people can sit at a computer all day, it's painful!

I'm super excited about developing the website though that I just plough through the pain. It's thrilling to see things come together, and having a website for Papoose has been a major goal of mine since starting the line two years ago. I can officially mark it off my list!

For now, you can still contact and connect with me through Etsy and Facebook until the website is up and running.

Quite possibly the cutest little model ever! Thanks Harper!