Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Drip Drop Dress

The birthday party this past Saturday was a much better success attitude-wise for my little papoose! There were no tears and screaming involved, so I would say it's a definite improvement. Luckily, she didn't make the birthday boy cry like she did last time, and even the sun came out long enough for all the kiddos to enjoy the splash pools and water balloons. We tried dipping her feet in the pool, but she wasn't much of a fan so we quickly aborted that experience. Overall though, she was the perfect little guest with the most adorable little dress.

I was able to finish up the design I drew out in plenty of time for the party, and sewing it up went rather smoothly for a self-drafted pattern. I love all the water droplets in the skirt, and the way the back comes together is so cute. The sweet fish button practically jumped out at me as I was looking for one. I don't know where he came from because there was only one available in my button stash, and he was blue so the stars aligned on that choice.

The hat was the quickest to sew up, but I would definitely try some things differently next time, if there is a next time. The whole outfit was perfect for the party, and I'm happy with how everything turned out. We were able to find some adorable sunglasses the night before at Target, and she even let us keep them on her for a long period of time. Of course I took tons of pictures, but wouldn't you know I forgot my nice camera so all I have of the day are phone pictures that aren't that great. Oh well, at least I was able to take some better ones of the dress once we got home and rested up a bit!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Splash Birthday Party

So my little papoose was invited to another birthday party for this upcoming weekend, which makes her social calendar so much more exciting than mine. And I'm okay with that, though I am demoted to a glorified chaperone. Still, it's the perfect excuse to make a new dress, and I was totally inspired by the adorable invitation. It is going to be a splash party with little pools and lots of fun and (hopefully) sunshine!

I had to shelve some projects I was working on temporarily in order to finish the dress in time, but I drew out a design I'm so happy with that I don't anticipate many changes to it while I'm sewing. It's inspired by water droplets since the party has a splash theme. Admittedly, a little obvious with the theme-on-theme idea, but I think it'll be super adorable when it's all finished. The design is subtle enough without being in your face, and I think my little papoose can totally rock it!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Yesterday I was able to celebrate mommyhood with the cutest little cream puff. My little papoose has brought so much joy and sleep deprivation into our lives. It's exciting that she's growing and getting to a point where I can be more creative when making her clothes because there are some things that just aren't practical for a newborn to wear. It also makes me a teensy bit sad to reminisce about the early days, but since we are finally getting into a better sleep pattern, it's short lived and I merrily move on.

Obviously I wanted to make us matching Mommy and Me outfits for the big day, and I had been stewing about the designs for awhile before sitting down to make anything. I knew I wanted the feelings of each piece to be the same without making an exact mini replica of what I wore. I feel like those kinds of outfits can be a little on the boring side so I chose two fabrics that complimented each other and had at it.

Since it was such a beautiful day yesterday I was able to take some sweet pictures with the help of the hubs. We took some outside of church and then some inside at home after naptime when she was more into Mommy making silly faces. I absolutely love the way they turned out, there are some really sweet shots captured we'll definitely need to print off.

Both dresses have a vintage inspired feeling to them. I self drafted my skirt and took apart a vintage blouse that had seen better days and used the pieces as a template. I definitely plan on making more in different fabrics because the fit is perfect for me. Her dress was pretty straightforward and similar to ones I'd self drafted before so it was sewn up quickly and easily. I loved matching with my little papoose on such a special day that celebrates her just as much as me!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Swing Tops

I have been working on a new design lately for my little papoose, and I love it so much that I decided to add some with different fabrics to the shop. This little piece is so darling and perfect for those warm months ahead, and the vintage inspired details are just like icing on a cake. We try not to go out as much during the heat of the day because in south Mississippi it's torture to just go check your mailbox, but when we do venture out, this little top has been my go-to style. It's sweet and effortless, and the fabric selections make it easy to find your favorite style!

I had a mini photo session yesterday with my little papoose, and I was only able to take pictures of the Red Rose Swing Top because she managed to poop all over the clothes and white backdrop. Needless to say, the session ended quickly after I finally realized it was everywhere, but I was able to get a few sweet shots of her modeling. All those arm rolls and fluffy cheeks make me think she's just one big cream puff, but apparently there's more to her than sugar and spice!




Friday, May 1, 2015

Adoption Auction

I was contacted recently about donating an item for an adoption auction hosted by Amy from Hope and Arrow on Etsy. I had sworn off freebies a long time ago because it always seems to work out best for the receiver and not the giver, but since it was for such a good cause, I couldn't resist! Amy and her hubby are working through the process of adopting, and the fees are what keeps most people from even going down that road. She set up a lovely array of handmade goodies from various artists on her Hope and Arrow Facebook page that you can go to today through Tuesday and bid on anything (or multiple things) that catch your eye!

My hubby and I have had adoption on our hearts before, and I'm just so happy I can contribute to their story in such a small way. I offered up a Green Fairy Outfit in 0-3m up to 6T, so if you were wanting one, there's one for your taking. I hope this auction provides Amy and her family whatever they need, so please go give them some love and encouragement!