Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rapunzel Princess Inspired Purple Cascade Day Dress

Last month I wrote about my hopes to finish a new princess creation in time for Little Papoose to receive it as a Christmas present, and thankfully, I was able to complete it! Since she had asked Santa Claus for a "My pencil" doll and it's her favorite fairytale, I knew I had to make one even if I didn't have time to do anything else. Although it was a busy time, I managed to make it, take pictures, AND list it! BOOM! So here in all its fairytale glory is the Rapunzel Inspired Purple Cascade Day Dress!
As with all of my fairytale creations, I kept the fabrics simple and elegant without much fussiness when it comes to screaming patterns. I chose not to have any patterned fabrics with this dress as I thought the colors blended so beautifully together in their muted tones already. I felt a pattern would distort and confuse things too much.
I think the feminine colors were the first things I decided on to inspire this outfit, as all other details from her dress I created to fit my aesthetic. I like playful, imaginative dresses that are inspired by the fairytale but still wearable and totally Papoose Clothing. I wanted something different, so I created a ruffled panel out of the lilac and pink fabrics. It brings interest and pops against the darker purple.

I sewed a diagonal detail seen in the front of the dress' skirt, but I made it into a peplum/ apron skirt. I also used the lace-up detail for the back to created a dramatic bow that hangs down the skirt, emphasizing the skirt length. I think it is so darling with all the colors mixed together and the way it cascades.
Since I was going with the lace-up back bodice, I knew I needed an underdress. This made it necessary for two pieces that can be worn together or wear the underdress separately that is still darling on its own. The lilac underdress has the most dramatic hi-lo cascade waterfall detail ever, and I thought it brilliantly coincided with the idea of Rapunzel's cascading hair! I felt like a genius coming up with that synonymous detail, but I'm sure it's not that big of a deal.
The Little Papoose wore it several times and insisted on keeping it on so I'd say it was a success! I'm so glad she liked it, and she looked darling in it, although I was too tired to take any pictures then. Next time though, there will be a mini photo shoot. Until then, this precious little dress can be found on the website and Etsy in sizes 2T-6T!


  1. Beautiful! I love the layered bottom.

  2. Love the colour and the lenght of the skirt

  3. Adorable! I love the lacing in the back and the cascading hem line!

  4. Such 'Rapunzel' colours! Beautiful silhouette.

  5. Oh's a dream of a dress! I'd wear it my size :)
    LOVE the ruffle down the front!

  6. What an adorable dress! I love the back, it's so pretty. Any little girl would feel like a princess wearing it.

  7. That dress is adorable, I love the detail on the back.