Monday, April 29, 2013

Beauty and the Beast Princess Inspired Yellow Tiered Ball Gown Dress

Beauty and the Beast is by far my all-time favorite fairytale story! Not only is the princess such a wonderful heroine, but the idea of making my favorite princess' ball gown was too emotional to pass up. With that said, I was super excited about designing a Beauty and the Beast Princess Inspired Ball Gown.

I went through a number of designs, I seemed to not enjoy them nearly as much as I'd imagined. Finally I decided on this one, and even when it was finished, I was a little disappointed. Once Harper tried it on, I fell in love with it. It looks so much cuter in person and on a little princess! I love the tiers and the pom pom trim that bounces whenever she walks.

Mommy showing where we were going on the map!

 Measuring up against the growth chart!

 Photo session time! Cheese!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Frog Princess Inspired Toddler Green and Yellow Tiered Dress

Summer vacations are coming up soon, and some of my favorite designs in the shop are character inspired. All of them were designed for my little niece's dress up passion! I wanted to make all of the princess dresses for her, but I didn't have enough time to make them all. So, I had to settle on the ones we really wanted to wear. I chose to make a Frog Princess inspired dress because she has such a fabulous story, and my favorite color is green so it worked out well for everyone! I made a couple of sketches and decided on one, then went to the store and found some great fabric that wasn't too over-the-top and literal.

Rough draft pieces and design 

I loved the colors together! The soft buttery yellow against the shades of green coordinated so well, and I was so excited to sew it and see the finished product!

I know I may be a wee bit biased, but I absolutely love the way this little dress turned out! I think it has so many sweet details like the layers in the skirt and the way the back crosses down and ties at the back. The bib is so darling with its lace and buttons, I think it came together nicely!

Sweet little princess dancing with her Paw Paw!
Being pushed in her stroller by Momma, her favorite Uncle Albie holding one hand and her Paw Paw on the other! What more could a little princess want?!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fan Fav: Fairytale Adventures

So I absolutely LOVE it when my fans send me pictures of their little ones wearing Papoose Clothing! This little princess recently went to on a family vacation recently, and it looks like she had such a fun time making memories!

How cute is she visiting with Ariel?! This Little Mermaid Princess Inspired Toddler Custom Made Top and Ruffle Pants Outfit is so cute on, it's really become one of my favorite designs.

Hanging out with the girls, making new friends! I love that the Cinderella Princess Inspired Blue Bubble with Peplum Outfit is so comfortable and cute, and who can resist a little girl wearing a bubble outfit?!

The Mouse Character Inspired Classic Red and Black Bubble is so sweet and fun! When this royal family went to Chef Mickey's, Mickey and Pluto came to their table twice and all the cast members were going crazy over how cute she looked in her outfit! Apparently the people at another table were getting annoyed that they weren't getting as much attention, but, hey, when you're cute, you're cute! Love that they had such a good time!
Such sweet memories at the most magical place on Earth! I'm so glad I got to make her little make believe outfits, she looked absolutely adorable in all of them!