Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Think Tink

Awhile back I had a mom contact me about possibly doing a Tinkerbell inspired outfit for her little papoose's birthday party. I was so eager to come up with a design because I already made a Wendy Darling Character Inspired Blue Nightgown, and I wanted to add to the character attire in my shop. I absolutely love custom orders and working with moms to make sure they get exactly what they want, and this mom was so much fun to work with.
Original Design Idea
I knew I wanted to make Tinkerbell's dress in a signature green color, which also happens to be my favorite color! I had the hardest time deciding on which hues to go with though, I didn't want too dark or too muted a color. Tinkerbell is quite the little fairy, and I wanted a color as vibrant as she is! In the end, I went with the "pear" and "apple" colors, which I thought were sweetly appropriate names for a fairy's dress colors.
Work in Progress
I kept the design fairly simple but with so much sass! I knew I had to incorporate a petal skirt somehow because a fairy costume without a petal skirt seems unthinkable to me, and it helped bring in the somewhat tattered look to her original dress she wears. The rest of the dress I designed while imagining how a fairy would actually want to dress, but keeping in mind the necessities of little one's wearing the outfit so I made the dress separate from the bloomers for easier potty breaks!

Although I've seen other character dresses that are strapless and somewhat plain, I wanted to add my usual ruffles and bows. I felt like straps were necessary to keep the outfit in place, especially for a toddler, and the bow adds so much drama. I knew I wanted two green colors to keep the outfit interesting and not so plain, so I chose to do the dress in a darker green and highlight the straps and bloomers in a lighter shade. This outfit is particularly awesome in that there is elastic at the waist and chest so there is plenty of room to grow in, and it is made out of cotton so it's suitable for dress up and everyday wear.
One of my cousins recently had a baby girl and requested an infant Tinkerbell costume, and I loved the way it turned out so I decided to add infant sizes to the shop. The size pictured above is a 0-3 month, which is so tiny I didn't think it would fit. The whole time I kept doubting whether or not it would be too small for her to wear, but all turned out well and the little papoose looked adorable in her new costume!


  1. You did a great job with the Tinkerbell outifit! I think it would be great in toddler sizes as well. Or maybe in the different fairy colors too. =0)

  2. Cute costume! Btw, I'm stopping by from the Etsy Blog Team.

    ♥ aquariann
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  3. Oh this is just darling! Great work, and sounds like you had fun too!

  4. What an adorable outfit! Both the baby size and the toddler size are just so cute! I'm sure both moms loved them!