Sunday, February 24, 2013

Color Me Ruffled

I have finally accomplished a huge goal, which was completing an official Papoose Clothing collection! It took longer than I'd like, but it was absolutely worth all the late nights and not doing anything else for a few weeks! I'd been drawing and coming up with designs for awhile, so I had quite a bit of potential ideas. That list was narrowed down though before I went shopping for fabric.

It took me forever to chose exactly what I wanted. I knew I wanted a specific color scheme of purples and greens accented by teals and pinks. That helped me some, and then I went with what caught my eye. Of course, I kept picking up and putting back and picking up and putting back. I stood in front of that fabric for almost three hours! People kept walking by me with concerned looks, and I eventually told myself I had to leave or else the manager would stop me for being suspicious!

I came home with a bundle of happily colored fabrics! It was too exciting so of course I got to work right away. I started out with something simple since it took me forever at the fabric store and it was getting late. I was very pleased with the way this sweet little skirt turned out, and I had such a good feeling about the rest of the collection!

My designs are all made and studio pictures have been taken of everything. I am just waiting on finishing up the outdoor pictures with my little model, and I hope to do that very soon. As soon as everything is done, I will be releasing my full Spring Summer 2013 Collection, Color Me Ruffled! It took some time coming up with a name, and I had many potential suggestions. "Color Me Ruffled" seemed to sum up everything about the collection the best.

I am a huge fan of color, I love to mix and match colors and patterns. And pretty much every design has some form of ruffle or bow on it, so that title name seemed to evoke everything that I was attempting to accomplish.

I will be releasing some previews on my Facebook page daily, so be sure to check it out!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Laissez le bon temps rouler!

So this past weekend I took a little trip down to cajun country to visit my family in Lake Charles. My sweet niece Harper was able to make the trip, and since it was going to be her very first Mardi Gras celebration, she naturally had to have a new dress!

I envisioned something festive but not too in your face. I love the design, but it didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped. Something fell flat, maybe the colors were wrong, but she looked adorable waving to all the floats!

It was supposed to rain all day, and for the hour long wait we had before the parade eventually got to us, it was seemed like we were going to get wet. Luckily, we were able to find a parking spot in the Starbucks parking lot and warm up with a little something something before heading back out. By that time, the rain had stopped, but there were puddles everywhere.

Our feet got a little wet, there were still a few drizzles, and my straightened hair was looking like a poodle. But when the krewes came our way and that zydeco music was blasting away, our spirits picked up and we were able to enjoy the good times!

And we caught a lot of beads!