Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Clearance Sale

I love to clean out my shop right before I release a new collection, and that means markdowns! In the Sale Section of the Etsy shop you'll find so many cute things to get your little papoose through the rest of the year. It's great for me because I can reorganize and have a less crowded workspace, but it's awesome for you because of all the great discounts. I have everything from the Spring/ Summer 2013 Collection, Color Me Ruffled, and the Autumn/ Winter 2013 Collection, Midnight Moon, at 20%-50% off to make room for the new collection! These are great prices for pieces that can be worn throughout the year with the right accessories, so check them out!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fan Fav: Ruffle Neck Tunic Dress

With Starbucks announcing its Pumpkin Spice Latte is now available, that can only mean one thing: fall is coming! Summer is dwindling down, and my most favorite season will shortly be in full swing. I'm so excited, I actually thought about decorating a bit today, but that will have to wait until the hubby gets home so I don't overstrain myself with this growing baby bump. In the meantime, I have some adorable pictures from the cutest little papoose wearing her Ruffle Neck Tunic Dress and enjoying the last few days of summer in style! Thank you, Sonia, for sharing!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Autumn/ Winter 2014 Collection: Photo Shoot Preview

It was a beautiful day today on the gulf coast, and we thought we'd take advantage of the blessing before it got too hot with a mini photo shoot. The sun was a lot stronger than I had anticipated so some of my pictures were a little overexposed, and a certain little papoose's cheeks were getting very red so we stopped after experiencing any major meltdowns. I was able to catch this sassy little pose as she looked out at the horizon for any pirate ships, and I wanted to share it because it was just too perfect!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Autumn/ Winter 2014 Collection: Fabrics

I am back in the studio after a fun little weekend visiting with family, and I am anxious to tackle the rest of this collection. I am excited to see all the pieces completed, but I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the fabrics I chose. The colors are a lot darker and moodier than previous collections, but I love the way they are coming together with each individual piece of clothing.

I had seen this burgundy paisley fabric for awhile now. I actually used it for my own pirate costume when the hubby and I went to Disney World during Halloween a few years ago so it must have stuck in the back of my mind as I was deciding my color scheme. I knew I didn't want the typical red and black colors associated with pirate attire, but I did want some visual clues that are obviously pirate related like the black and white stripes and ruffled everything.


Here is a close up of one outfit I completed that really captures the look I'm going for. I think it says "sophisticated pirate" in a subtle enough way that still allows the clothing to be worn out and doesn't scream "costume, right here, COSTUME!" I love the brocade in the dark greys, it perfectly sets the tone while adding pattern and depth, and the front lace-up bow is so classic.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Autumn/ Winter 2014 Collection: Theme

I have a few pieces left to sew before this collection is finished, but I am super excited about what I've made so far. I showed some things to the hubby, and he said something along the lines of it being "really detailed" so I'm just going to take that as a good first impression. My sister and nieces will be down here soon so maybe I could take a picture or two as a little sneak peek into what I have in store for this new collection that you were hopefully able to get an idea or two from the inspiring images I posted last week.
So if you guessed pirate theme, you are correct! Actually, I prefer something along the lines of "sophisticated pirate" since it adds a sense of culture and refinement and not the boozy type of pirate. I'm really just reinventing the whole idea of what it means to be a pirate so that it suits my taste and aesthetic, but the underlying tone is still very much "pirate."
If you look closely at the pictures from last week, I am focusing mainly on moody tones with a pop of bright blue that is just too indicative of Caribbean waters to pass up. I didn't want the typical red and black look that so many people incorporate in their pirate clothing, so I went with more saturated tones that seem to have certain amount of age and mystery to them. The fabrics I chose look elegant and rich, not the kind one would want easily dirtied by tavern skirmishes.
I don't know why I really wanted to do a pirate theme, I just easily settled on it. Maybe it has something to do with being absolutely obsessed with The Goonies from a very young age and watching it regularly that I have a slight attachment to the idea of a pirate adventure. Whatever the reason behind this collection, I am more than delighted with it so far and can't wait to share everything with you once it's completed!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Autumn/ Winter 2014: Inspiring Images

It may still be sizzling outside, but my mind is firmly fixated on cooler temperatures and the sound of crunching leaves. Fall has always been my absolute favorite season of the year, there are so many fun adventures to go on and delicious treats to sample. It's a bit of a shock though when I'm in this mindset and I open my front door to sweltering heat. I remedy this by pretty much staying indoors, and lately I've been working on the new Autumn/ Winter collection so I wanted to share some of the images that have been inspiring my work.
This incredible room belongs to Marjorie Skouras, a lighting designer who knows a thing or two about opulence! I love how rich the fabrics are, color-wise and texture, mixed with the different metals scattered throughout. It also has an accumulated feel that I like, as if everything in the room were collected over time after many adventures abroad.
There is so much going for this breathtaking picture by KieshaJean. The colors are sublime, and I absolutely want to dive right into that water and explore the riches of the sea. The rock face looks beautifully battered, but I'm a little leery of and intrigued by that cave opening.
I would have never thought these were smashed buttons, but that's exactly what jewelry designer Christine Marie Davis uses to make her beautiful stacked charms. I love how aged and worn they look, each one has its own quirks and beauty. They definitely feel as if they have countless tales to tell.