Monday, August 18, 2014

Autumn/ Winter 2014 Collection: Fabrics

I am back in the studio after a fun little weekend visiting with family, and I am anxious to tackle the rest of this collection. I am excited to see all the pieces completed, but I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the fabrics I chose. The colors are a lot darker and moodier than previous collections, but I love the way they are coming together with each individual piece of clothing.

I had seen this burgundy paisley fabric for awhile now. I actually used it for my own pirate costume when the hubby and I went to Disney World during Halloween a few years ago so it must have stuck in the back of my mind as I was deciding my color scheme. I knew I didn't want the typical red and black colors associated with pirate attire, but I did want some visual clues that are obviously pirate related like the black and white stripes and ruffled everything.


Here is a close up of one outfit I completed that really captures the look I'm going for. I think it says "sophisticated pirate" in a subtle enough way that still allows the clothing to be worn out and doesn't scream "costume, right here, COSTUME!" I love the brocade in the dark greys, it perfectly sets the tone while adding pattern and depth, and the front lace-up bow is so classic.

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  1. love the sophisticated pirate look.. sick of seeing little children dressed as sexy pirates!