Monday, August 11, 2014

Autumn/ Winter 2014 Collection: Theme

I have a few pieces left to sew before this collection is finished, but I am super excited about what I've made so far. I showed some things to the hubby, and he said something along the lines of it being "really detailed" so I'm just going to take that as a good first impression. My sister and nieces will be down here soon so maybe I could take a picture or two as a little sneak peek into what I have in store for this new collection that you were hopefully able to get an idea or two from the inspiring images I posted last week.
So if you guessed pirate theme, you are correct! Actually, I prefer something along the lines of "sophisticated pirate" since it adds a sense of culture and refinement and not the boozy type of pirate. I'm really just reinventing the whole idea of what it means to be a pirate so that it suits my taste and aesthetic, but the underlying tone is still very much "pirate."
If you look closely at the pictures from last week, I am focusing mainly on moody tones with a pop of bright blue that is just too indicative of Caribbean waters to pass up. I didn't want the typical red and black look that so many people incorporate in their pirate clothing, so I went with more saturated tones that seem to have certain amount of age and mystery to them. The fabrics I chose look elegant and rich, not the kind one would want easily dirtied by tavern skirmishes.
I don't know why I really wanted to do a pirate theme, I just easily settled on it. Maybe it has something to do with being absolutely obsessed with The Goonies from a very young age and watching it regularly that I have a slight attachment to the idea of a pirate adventure. Whatever the reason behind this collection, I am more than delighted with it so far and can't wait to share everything with you once it's completed!

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