Friday, May 1, 2015

Adoption Auction

I was contacted recently about donating an item for an adoption auction hosted by Amy from Hope and Arrow on Etsy. I had sworn off freebies a long time ago because it always seems to work out best for the receiver and not the giver, but since it was for such a good cause, I couldn't resist! Amy and her hubby are working through the process of adopting, and the fees are what keeps most people from even going down that road. She set up a lovely array of handmade goodies from various artists on her Hope and Arrow Facebook page that you can go to today through Tuesday and bid on anything (or multiple things) that catch your eye!

My hubby and I have had adoption on our hearts before, and I'm just so happy I can contribute to their story in such a small way. I offered up a Green Fairy Outfit in 0-3m up to 6T, so if you were wanting one, there's one for your taking. I hope this auction provides Amy and her family whatever they need, so please go give them some love and encouragement!

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