Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Yesterday I was able to celebrate mommyhood with the cutest little cream puff. My little papoose has brought so much joy and sleep deprivation into our lives. It's exciting that she's growing and getting to a point where I can be more creative when making her clothes because there are some things that just aren't practical for a newborn to wear. It also makes me a teensy bit sad to reminisce about the early days, but since we are finally getting into a better sleep pattern, it's short lived and I merrily move on.

Obviously I wanted to make us matching Mommy and Me outfits for the big day, and I had been stewing about the designs for awhile before sitting down to make anything. I knew I wanted the feelings of each piece to be the same without making an exact mini replica of what I wore. I feel like those kinds of outfits can be a little on the boring side so I chose two fabrics that complimented each other and had at it.

Since it was such a beautiful day yesterday I was able to take some sweet pictures with the help of the hubs. We took some outside of church and then some inside at home after naptime when she was more into Mommy making silly faces. I absolutely love the way they turned out, there are some really sweet shots captured we'll definitely need to print off.

Both dresses have a vintage inspired feeling to them. I self drafted my skirt and took apart a vintage blouse that had seen better days and used the pieces as a template. I definitely plan on making more in different fabrics because the fit is perfect for me. Her dress was pretty straightforward and similar to ones I'd self drafted before so it was sewn up quickly and easily. I loved matching with my little papoose on such a special day that celebrates her just as much as me!


  1. You girls look so cute together, and I love your matching dresses.

  2. The pictures of you and your little girl are adorable!
    I love that you made "mommy & me" outfits, but didn't match
    the dresses exactly. Fabulous!

  3. oh beautiful.. love your dresses..
    ah the sleep deprivation.. we've got a four year old and a fifteen month old and we are still waiting to sleep through the night..