Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Splash Birthday Party

So my little papoose was invited to another birthday party for this upcoming weekend, which makes her social calendar so much more exciting than mine. And I'm okay with that, though I am demoted to a glorified chaperone. Still, it's the perfect excuse to make a new dress, and I was totally inspired by the adorable invitation. It is going to be a splash party with little pools and lots of fun and (hopefully) sunshine!

I had to shelve some projects I was working on temporarily in order to finish the dress in time, but I drew out a design I'm so happy with that I don't anticipate many changes to it while I'm sewing. It's inspired by water droplets since the party has a splash theme. Admittedly, a little obvious with the theme-on-theme idea, but I think it'll be super adorable when it's all finished. The design is subtle enough without being in your face, and I think my little papoose can totally rock it!


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