Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Four Months Old

Back in February my loving husband bought me a new Nikon D3200 camera for my birthday. My old one was pretty sad, it had spots that were permanently in every picture I took no matter how much I cleaned the camera. I had to crop them out of the photos every time I edited, it was a huge pain. With this new camera, the pictures are so much sharper and cleaner looking. Plus, it is so much lighter, and that's what I'm probably most excited about.

I love taking pictures, although I'm not a professional at all. I admit it cleanly and freely. I'm still one of those photographers who likes to think they can be artistic with a camera, and having a new baby definitely brings out my artistic side whenever I want to take her monthly pictures. It's incredibly convenient to have a model in my home that I can use for my clothing, although my niece will still be the original little papoose!

Happy four months old to this little papoose!

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