Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Flower Girl Dresses

All I hear lately is how everyone is so excited about Spring finally arriving. Not me. Down here it's already pushing 80 degrees, and I'm so missing my cold nights! Everyone just sleeps so much better with a little crisp in the air, but those days are quickly being replaced by my A/C, bless it, attempting to cool everyone down in a house that seems to absorb all the heat. My little papoose has mastered turning over now and is quickly becoming more active so we'll have to keep the house cool for her. At least that's my argument to the hubby!

Ironically, it was apparently freezing in Montgomery this past weekend when my sister's brother-in-law got married, and my precious little niece was one of the flower girls. Before everyone turned blue from freezing during the family pictures, a few shots were taken of the cutest little papoose modeling the dress I made. I loved being asked to make the little dresses. I think they turned out very sweetly, but of course, she wears it so well!

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