Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not My Party, I'll Cry If I Want To

Maybe I just had too high of an expectation for this weekend when my little papoose was going to go to her cousin's first birthday bash. I imagined tons of cute pictures, great memories made, and lots of adorable little smiles and giggles. Didn't happen. For some reason, my little papoose decided to scream and cry off and on for the whole four to five hours we were there. She even made the birthday boy upset and tear up!
I eventually had to take her on a little car ride to calm her down, but she just started back up again when we returned to the party. Adventures in mommyhood, I guess. Everyone loved the Pennant Party Dress I made for her though, so I'm glad that, at least, was a success. I was hoping for at least one good picture, but no such luck. This was the best and most indicative of both our feelings of the day!

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  1. Awww...poor baby! I hope she's in a better mood today! I bet her dress was adorable :)