Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Paws of Papoose Clothing

As much as I love to design and sew, the day to day business side can be a little overwhelming. I did not know what I was getting into when I first started out, but I have learned and grown so much these past three years. Though I wear many hats as owner, designer, and maker, just to name a few, there are those who need to be acknowledged for their unrelenting support and overall helpfulness behind the scenes. Thus, I give you the paws behind Papoose Clothing!

Woolrich, Project Manager
Responsibilities Include But Are Not Limited To:

Organizing and Inventorying Trims
Keeping Supplies Clean and Tidy
Maintaining Ironing Board's Efficiency
Keeping Subordinates Productive and Appreciated
Wickit, Quality Control Inspector
Responsibilities Include But Are Not Limited To:
Packaging and Shipping
Promotional Advertising
Inspecting Patterns

Office Supervisor


  1. Too cute :) Our furry friends are always there to lend a hand :)

  2. What a cuties, happy that they are such a big help :-)