Friday, October 25, 2013

Midnight Moon: A Short Story

The Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection is in full swing, and I am so in love with this one! Fall is definitely my busy season, especially with Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving and Christmas dresses, but besides the regular staples I keep throughout the year, I have this gorgeous new collection I am so proud of. I had so much creativity flowing during the early stages, and while I briefly talked about the fabrics and feelings behind this collection, I never really expressed the story behind it.

While I was sewing up a storm, I imagined a little story based on the fabric from the Cats and Dogs Long Sleeve Bib Dress with Peter Pan Collar that came to be the center for the Midnight Moon collection. I pictured various animals getting into various shenanigans, but it wasn't until recently that I actually sat down to write a short backstory. It was so much fun creating a story based on my niece, the original Little Papoose, and letting my sweet feline friend, Wickit, be a part of it!

"Midnight Moon"

It was time for bed, but the little papoose didn’t want to fall asleep. She was a little, tiny bit, slightly afraid of the dark. After saying her prayers, her mommy and daddy her tucked in, giving lots of hugs and kisses. She was still a little afraid of the dark. She asked her mommy to check under the bed and in the closet to make sure no monsters were hiding. She even wanted all of her friends in the bed with her. 

As Little Papoose settled in and the midnight moon peeked into her window, she realized one very special friend was missing. She almost started to cry because she was left all alone. Just then, Wickit jumped up on her bed, grooming his face after a delicious dinner. Little Papoose calmed down when she saw her very special friend. She loved Wickit, and Wickit loved to follow Little Papoose around and sleep on her bed.

All of a sudden, a dark shadow flitted across the room. Little Papoose was scared. Wickit jumped to the window to look outside, but he only saw the garden gnomes raking up the fallen leaves. He walked back to Little Papoose and comforted her with his tender purrs.

As Little Papoose was about to lay back down, a strange glow shined into the room. Little Papoose sat up as Wickit checked to see where it came from. It was only the fairies sewing by candlelight to finish the Fairy Queen’s dress for the ball. Wickit returned to the bed and gave Little Papoose a reassuring rub.

Suddenly a strange noise was heard, and Little Papoose stared wide-eyed with fright. Wickit walked stealthily to the window and saw only the Mr. Fox and Jack Rabbit talking about the weather while drinking dandelion tea. This time Wickit came back to Little Papoose and gave her a gentle meow. They both soon nestled into bed, and Wickit’s soft purrs and warm cuddles quickly lulled Little Papoose off to sleep.
Experience the Midnight Moon collection for yourself and let your little papoose's imagination run wild with sizes from 2T-6T!

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