Friday, October 4, 2013

The Deliciousness of the Candy Corn

I don't think I've met anybody who doesn't like to eat candy corn, and when/if I do, we probably won't be friends. I vividly remember in first grade when my teacher would use candy corn as an incentive for correct answers to questions she would ask. I remember she stopped calling on me because I was like Hermione with my hand raised for every question!

Though I still love the candy, I was a little hesitant to make this dress because I wasn't sure if it fit in with the rest of my store. My sister especially wanted this dress for the pumpkin patch they were going to, so I decided to at least make one for my niece. By the time I finished making it and seeing it worn on Harper, I decided to put it in the store.

I knew I wanted a color-blocked dress that was indicative of the candy, but I wanted something extra to add a little dimension and interest. It seemed so boring to me to just have white, orange, and yellow with nothing else, so I came up with a front bow detail that really breaks up the monotony of an otherwise basic dress. 

Along with the signature colors, I also wanted to keep the overall shape of the candy. I considered the tapered look by making the tiers slightly larger than the one above with fun gathers. This also helps to add movement and interest. The overall effect comes together so perfectly, and it's such a festive and whimsical dress for this time of year!

Check out these delicious goodies from other artists who are inspired by this seasonal treat! I love to see what people can make in their respective fields with their own two hands, and I am in love with these sweet finds. Who knew a simple little candy could inspire so many different creations?


  1. Pretty awesome little dress! I love candy corn so we can be friends, whew!

    I love popping some on top of cupcakes after they've been iced!

  2. What a cute dress, I like the addition of the bow a lot. Very chic!

  3. The dress is adorable! I love the tea set that you featured, too.