Friday, October 18, 2013

Feature Friday: Claudelle Girard Art

I am always amazed at people who can do things I am impossibly hopeless in. Painting will consistently be in the top category of "Things I Desperately Wish I Was Better At." I have certainly given it my best, but it's just not in the cards for me. Though I have no real talent in that area, I love  paintings and going to art museums and finding new artists who inspire me! 
This week, I want to introduce you all to Claudelle, the incredibly talented artist and her shop, Claudelle Girard Art. I am in love with her paintings, they have so much life and vivacity to them. Her use of color is amazing and bold, it is so cleverly and exquisitely used while still being grounded. There is so much depth and life in the eyes of the animals she paints, you can really see how she captured their spirit. She has a gorgeous range of selections from original works of art to moderately priced prints; you can even purchase a custom pet portrait, so there is something for everyone!
1. How do you define art?
I by no means pretend to be any sort of authority on art, but the definition of art for me personally is something along the lines of "That which inspires feeling, provokes thought and has an aesthetic appeal to the viewer."
2. How would you describe your art?
Colorful and graphic in style. Honest, good-natured. My intention is to draw the viewer in to the mystery which is the subject, and to hopefully appreciate its natural beauty and life.
3. Name three adjectives that describe your artistic point of view.
- Conservational
- Intuitive
- Graphic

4. Who has most personally influenced and inspired you as an artist?
Both of my parents are very creative and have always been very supportive of my creative whims and aspirations. We are shaped by those who surround us. Family, friends, teachers, and our furry, sometimes feathery (and much more) companions on Earth! A notable historical figure of much importance and inspiration: Charles Darwin, and his contemporary counterpart: Richard Dawkins.

5. Has your artistic sensibility changed since you first began?
Perhaps it has through an ever-growing acceptance of who I am as an artist by not trying to force  specific vision but rather by welcoming my intuition. That's a really deep and complicated question!

6. What inspires your art?
Nature; Texture; Color; A piercing eye that makes us want to examine more.
Also, watching this video! Seriously.

7. Do you have a favorite artist from another field?
I have great respect and admiration for the illustrator Matt Lyon. He is a master of color and shape.

8. Who is your favorite competitor from your field?
I don't know if I could view her as a competitor per say, but I admire Christina Mrozik for her creativity, technical abilities, and for the complexity of her work.

9. Do you have any occupation hazards or mishaps?
Hazards… everlasting poverty? Mishaps…. all the time! There is no easy "undo" with canvas and paints!
10. What did you wish you would have known when starting out?
I wish I'd have known that following your head will probably never win over following your heart, no matter how long you stick to it. Not in my experience, anyway.

11. What is your favorite item currently for sale in your shop?
There's a special place in my heart for this Great Horned Owl painting, and I recently started being able to offer prints which are of super-great quality. Therefore, this is currently my favorite item:

12. Who is your favorite author? What was your favorite book as a child?
I love to read both fiction and non-fiction books. From the last 5 or so years to currently, I'd have to say my favorite author is Haruki Murakami. From when I was a child, "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott stands out.
13. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I was an avid collector of novelty pens, pencils and erasers, and dreamt of owning a shop with all sorts of paper products and cute things like that! My most cherished eraser was a little pair of eraser roller skates tied together with a string. I still love the smell of erasers.

14. Where is the farthest you have travelled? Where did you dream about visiting as a child?
I suppose I'm currently in my furthest travel, having moved from Canada to Norway in 2008. It seemed like such a remote area before I visited for the first time! I've had the privilege of traveling a bit around the country.. indeed remote, yet full of life.

As a child I moved around a lot with my family. I probably dreamt about staying put! And of living with The Snorks! ( )

15. Which musician or musical group inspires you the most? What was your favorite childhood song?
There are just so many depending on the mood and moment in time! A current favorite from my adoptive city of Bergen is Mari Kvien Brunvoll. A "tried and true" classic favorite: Pink Floyd.

Favorite childhood song: The Inspector Gadget theme song is definitely up there!
16. Where can people find you and your art online?
I sell through Etsy at
Am perhaps most active on Facebook:
And have a personal portfolio site at


  1. Wow! These are incredible! I love the vibrant colours!
    I had to chuckle at #13, because that is exactly what I wanted as well. My favourite eraser was a big fat strawberry and it smelled so good :)

  2. Love these colorful animal portraits! Thanks for the introduction! :)

  3. I love the bright colors she uses in unexpected places!