Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Costume Crazy

As with pretty much everything I have done with Papoose Clothing, the reason I started making costumes is because of my niece, Harper. Two years ago when she was about 10 months old, her class was having a costume party. Of course, she had to be the best costumed kid there, so my sister and I put our heads together to come up with something sweet and easy for her to wear. We searched the Internet and Pinterest for ages until we decided on a little gnome costume.
I think we were really taken with the movie Gnomeo and Juliet at the time, but we didn't want to replicate anything exactly from the movie. I love blue and red together, I think it is so fresh and fun, but I went with a more cerulean blue than the darker tone seen in the movie. I knew I wanted an apron skirt with suspenders and definitely a gnome hat. Other than that, I went to the store with an open mind. I quickly realized the costume needed a third color for an extra pop, and yellow will always do that. I decided on a bright and sunny yellow that reminded me of a beautiful Spring day in the garden!

This was a fairly easy costume to make because it was just a simple skirt with ribbon suspenders sewn at the waistline. I cut out a basic square and stitched a darling flower trim around the edges for a garden feeling for the apron. It was then sewn onto a white ribbon that was cut to fit around her waist. The polka dot pattern is so fun and really pops against the blue of the skirt. I made some simple fabric rosettes and sewed them onto a white onesie. I then made bigger rosettes for the red gnome hat I made out of sparkly felt. The braids were cut from a headband we randomly found at a store and then stitched at the sides of the hat. It really came together perfectly, and it was a comfortable costume for her first Halloween!

Star Wars will forever have a place in my heart, there is just no getting around the fact that I am a sci-fi nerd. I will always be up for a Star Wars marathon, and luckily, my sister and I are similar in our love of the movies. We had seen some adorable pictures floating around Pinterest, but she was concerned people would mistake her for a boy, as if this sassy little princess could be anything else.  

My sister came up with the idea of a capelet. Even though I was so against it at the time because Ewoks do not wear capelets, nor do they wear the color purple. In the end, she won out because 1.) she's the older sister and how often does the younger sister win, 2). it's her child, yada yada yada, 3.) it's just a costume, not a collection piece. So, a capelet in a dark, Earthy color purple was the somewhat compromise. And really, when Harper had it all on, how adorable was she?!
This costume was even easier than the gnome because all I had to sew was the cowl head covering and the capelet. My sister had bought a basic bear suit and it really worked out perfectly. Add a random walking stick and she was all set! At first Harper refused to wear the bear suit at all, and we were all so disappointed at the loss of such an adorable costume. She eventually consented to putting on the costume, and it was such a hit at the party! No one can resist a snuggly looking Ewok, I wanted to pick her up and hold her the whole time!

This year is a completely new costume, all of which I am making. Harper is currently OBSESSED with Abby Cadabby and all things fairy. We had a hard time nailing her down on whether she wanted to be Abby or Tinkerbell. I already have a Tinkerbell Inspired Outfit, so if she changes her mind at the last minute, she can have that option. For now, the plan is Abby Cadabby, and I have already drawn out the design and selected the materials. All I need to do is carve out time to actually make it!

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