Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Christmas Party Dress 2013 Reveal

Well, it is finally here, the first official Christmas Party Dress 2013 by Papoose Clothing, and I'm not sure I could love it more than I already do! I wanted a dress that was slam packed with lovely details and enough festive charm to make every little papoose wearing it feel like a sugarplum fairy or Christmas elf or whatever she wanted to imagine herself as. I love the idea of a classic Christmas dress only worn for special occasions, and I think this dress has such a timeless quality that it could become an heirloom piece for future generations!
When I wrote earlier about the design and fabric choices, I mentioned I have a slight obsession with tiered dresses and skirts, but this one I particularly love because of the waving cut in the different tiers. I like how it flows visually and adds another element that really showcases the sheen of the fabric. The puff sleeves are amazingly puffy, I feel like Anne Shirley whenever I see them and think about when she went to her Christmas Ball in a festive party dress!
The slate grey and maroon colors look so incredibly well together, the maroon just pops off the dress is such a dramatic way. Not to mention the big bow at the back that provides another striking element, and I love the gathered ruffles at the front of the sash, giving dimension and interest. I didn't want to leave just the sash in another color, so I added the ruffle flutter sleeves to tie in the satin fabric with the body of the dress. I think it's the perfect touch without going overboard.
The back of the bodice is cut deep and has two darling little rhinestone and pearl buttons that offer up more glitz and glamour! A separate tulle petticoat can be seen peeking out from underneath the skirt to add volume and more sparkle with fun little rhinestone specks dotted throughout. This is seriously a fun and festive little dress, I can't help but be proud of it! I tried to keep it exciting and party-worthy with just enough details to make it pop without making it too fussy. The only problem is I am so ready for Christmas carols and warm fires and yummy foods after working on this dress, and we're not even done with Halloween yet!


  1. Lovely! A little girl will be very happy to be wearing this!

  2. This is adorable! I love the puffy sleeves, but the big bow on the back would have to be my favourite detail. Good luck for the holiday season.