Monday, November 11, 2013

Midnight Moon Photo Shoot Outtakes

As precious as my little model is for the pictures, there are a few that just simply don't make it through final editing. For an almost three-year-old, a two day photo shoot can be full of fun with a few fits thrown in there to keep things interesting. I'd written a post with some pictures from the Color Me Ruffled collection that didn't make the cut, and I thought it would be fun to do it again for the Midnight Moon collection!

Momma posed her, and I don't think she knew what to do next! I love how she has this disdainful expression like this is so beneath her.

We sometimes point out things for her to look at so I can get a certain angle or particular view, but looking at the leaves on the ground didn't turn out like I'd wanted. 

We made up this game where she starts at a far point then runs to "catch" us while I click away at my camera. Sometimes she is adorable and happy and sometimes she just makes weird faces like this toothless grin!

She is a dinosaur in this one, obviously, and she is coming to get me!

She is slightly obsessed with the baby duckies, like, we had to stop taking pictures for fifteen minutes because she was so enthralled and uncooperative and giddy about them taking a "bath."

She was so close to the edge of the pond that we made her back up because she was going to fall in and I wanted a front shot of the outfit. This is her expressing her thoughts on that move!

Towards the end of day one, we were all pretty much tired, and this shot is perfect. She was supposed to be standing by the fence, but what you don't see is her literally huffing sporadically as she walks away.

I don't know what she was pointing at, but that finger is always out!

Look at that face! I think she wanted to go look at the baby duckies again, and we wouldn't let her.

And when the thumb comes out, she's just about done!

Closing up with day two, this is her response to, "Harper, go run!" This closely resembles my response when my husband asks me to exercise with him.

Bringing bread is an incentive to get happy smiles, but sometimes it's an unnecessary accessory and an ugly background piece. Oops.
Find all the sweet and perfect pictures found in the Midnight Moon lookbook on the website!


  1. LOL...her faces crack me up :) For an almost three year old, she really does a great job. Your lookbook looks great!

  2. Your little girl is adorable no matter what her expression. I especially love the photo of her inspecting the leaves :)
    And the outfits are so unique!

  3. Is that kitty patterned fabric in the fourth photo? And I love the dinosaur pose, very Vogue!

    1. It is, I love it because they each have their own personality and doing something different!