Saturday, March 9, 2013

Photo Shoot Outtakes

This weekend has been so busy with mini photo shoots. I came down to Montgomery to finish taking pictures for the Spring Summer 2013 collection, and we chose the Alabama Shakespeare Festival as one of the sites. It helps to break up the shoots so my little model doesn't get too tired. Even then, we have mini meltdowns now and then (she is 2, after all), so I thought it would be cute to share a few pictures that, for some reason or another, won't be making the cut!

Poor thing didn't want to sit still in her cute little rocker, so we eventually gave her a purple butterfly catcher that helped do the trick. Most of the pictures I have are with that finger sticking out!

It was really windy today, too. I think I should call this picture, "Mommy, it's windy!"

And this one is called, "Sassy britches wants to go feed the ducks. NOW."

As much as I love these glasses, they just didn't work. I immediately thought, "Elton John alert!" Maybe with a less dramatic outfit...
Mommy got caught trying to fix a falling shoulder strap!

We were trying to get her to smile and look at the camera by asking her where mommy was (behind the camera). This obviously backfired when she eventually head-butted the camera, but look how happy that face is!

This was taken on our way back to the car, we had to say goodbye to all of the ducks along the way. By the end of the shoot, they were all "my friends!" Sweet girl!

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