Monday, May 13, 2013

Little Mermaid Princess Inspired Purple and Teal Outfit

Back in March I talked about the Little Mermaid dresses that I had designed for a customer's little princess, but now I want to focus on the outfit that was made to highlight her mermaid side! So I've always wanted to be a mermaid, plain and simple fact about me! I was fortunate enough to have a pool in my backyard that my sister and I would swim in constantly, and I specifically remember trying to swim "mermaid style."

My original design

As with the Snow White outfit, my first drawing was the design I went with because I liked it so much. However, now that I look at the picture, I realize I never added the bottom ruffle to the top like I have drawn, and I can't think why I left it out unless I just totally forgot about it. Maybe I thought it was too frilly, but whatever reason, I love this outfit! It is so fun and totally captures the essence of a little mermaid, in my opinion!

I didn't want a bathing suit kind of top with the belly and too much skin showing because I think some of those styles can get a bit inappropriate. I didn't want anyone thinking the outfit was too mature for a toddler so I came up with the ruched bandeau sewn onto a top that tied into a dramatic bow at the back. It still looked like mermaid top without being too provocative and still being comfortable and stylish! The pants style was an absolute must with the ruffle at the bottoms because it was so obviously a mermaid silhouette. It really came together quickly, which is a good sign for me when I'm designing!

I love how the outfit turned out, especially the details of the fabric. The pants have a subtle watercolor effect on them, they're not just a solid teal color. It reminds me of the shades of the sea, like the fabric had been dip dyed in sea colors! The dark purple fabric has a swirl pattern to it like waves cresting and crashing.
Somebody wanted to use her land legs and run around the bus terminal!

Uncle John Michael pointing out birds in the park! 

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