Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Snow White Princess Inspired Ruffle Dress with Yellow Shorts

Continuing with the princess series in my Fairytale Collection, I'm going to showcase the one princess that started it all: Snow White! Many people claim Snow White is the prettiest princess, and I have to agree that she has some very classic features. I mean, who doesn't want to look like Snow White?! She's touted with having the fairest skin, lips as red as blood, and raven black hair! That's a trifecta, people! And of course, her dress highlights her beauty. Another unmistable icon? A red apple! I had so much fun designing this dress, and it is similar without being exact with such whimsical little details! 

Very "rough" rough draft sketch
I knew I wanted classic colors while playing around with the design elements. I wanted an outfit a little girl could run around in and not worry about messing it up too much. This is playtime and dress-up time! So I added shorts underneath a peeking cascade skirt. I also knew I wanted something more "airy" up top, so I designed the dress with long shoulder sashes and attached ruffles to them that mimic sleeves.

I absolutely love the way the colors pop against each other, especially the red and blue ruffle on the shoulder straps! (I am a little peeved that people have decided to copy that idea, but that's for another blog post!) The yellow skirt with its gathered ruffle and the sweet little red buttons on the sides are such classic details that really capture Snow White! My sweet niece looked so cute in in, and it is such a wearable, easy outfit with loads of style!

Look at that excited face so early in the morning!

Three generations in front of Epcot!
This is no spell-induced sleep, poor thing was worn out!

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