Friday, March 22, 2013

Little Mermaid Princess Inspired Wardrobe

The Little Mermaid has to have one of the most imaginative fairytales out there, I don't know any grown girl who didn't fantasize about being a mermaid at some point in her childhood! So I was super excited when I was approached to design some dresses inspired by the mermaid story. The awesome mom who wanted these dresses for her little princess asked only for short sleeves and not floor-length skirts, so I came up with what I thought were two sweet inspired-by dresses!
I went with a heart-shaped yoke that was inspired by days spent exploring the land with her new beau. I added the shoulder straps with little ruffles to keep everything up, and tied them together into a big bow at the back waistline. There are ruffles everywhere, gotta love the ruffles!

I went more romantic with the sweet puff sleeves of this pink ball gown dress, but I also added extra details. I put ruffles on the two skirt hemlines, and I made the sash extra long so it can wrap around the back to tie at the front into a big bow.



I love the way the blue day dress turned out, I can see any little girl tromping around in it and having the best time. I decided to add both dresses to my Etsy shop, I just think they're that cute so I want to share it with everyone!The pink ballgown turned out amazing and so girly! The ruffles and two-tone pinks are just too sweet for words. I had so much fun with these custom orders, I probably wouldn't have made them if it weren't for my lovely buyer! I hope her little princess has a ball wearing them!

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