Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Princess Nightgowns

About a month ago I was asked to make two nightgowns for a special little princess, and since I hadn't made any before, I jumped at the opportunity! The goal was to make Wendy Darling's nightgown pretty straightforward and classic, but I was given the chance to create something unique based for Cinderella's nightgown. I wasn't too worried about Wendy Darling's because it seemed simple enough to capture, but I was a bit nervous about Cinderella's. I had to make sure they were different while bringing some extra princess-ness to Cinderella's gown.

I mean, come on, you don't want to wear Cinderella's nightgown when she's still a servant, right, you want to wear the one when she's a princess! So I imagined certain elements of her nightgown that I knew I wanted to keep, like the front bow and the long sleeves. To me, they were the main points that differentiated her nightgown from Wendy's. I added ruffles, ruffles, ruffles to Cinderella's nightgown, and it took forever to gather them all and sew! I added a keyhole neckline to the front of the dress with a sweet little bow to tie it together. Both dresses buttoned up at the back.

After getting approval and the all-clear, I started out constructing everything! I ended up using the same fabric for both gowns, but I used a darker blue for Cinderella's front bow. Wendy's sash was a gorgeous light blue fabric I had extra on hand that worked out beautifully!

Wendy Darling

I think Wendy's dress turned out so prim and proper, just like her! It just screams good English manners. I can see her drinking hot tea in this dress right before bed while sitting on her windowseat and looking out for Peter Pan!


I also love the way Cinderella's dress turned out, especially with all the ruffles! They were a painstaking job, but they look amazing and really help enliven the dress up. I think the nightgown definitely turned out fit for a princess!

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  1. So Simple and Cute, Like the way things were years ago. Love your work.
    GCC Team