Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kaetoo Interview

I am not ready to spill the beans on the theme for the upcoming Autumn/ Winter collection, but I will say I will be watching a particular favorite childhood movie of mine and getting inspiration as soon as I finish this entry. I am so giddy about this collection, I think it is going to be lots of fun with tons of sass! I just need to gather my drawing supplies and brainstorm a bit, but my husband has the infamous "Man Fever." This is a bit like the frightening "Man Cold" without all the other symptoms. I made him some vegetable soup and tucked him into bed for a nap with all the necessities within reach so maybe I'll have some time to work before he wakes up.
Meanwhile the lovely Kate from Kaetoo blog and Etsy shop has written up a beautiful interview featuring yours truly on her blog, and it was fun to answer the questions for her Materials and Techniques series. You can also find more featured creators on her blog through this series so go check her out if you want to be inspired by fellow artists!


  1. It was lovely talking to you, Ashley :-)

  2. Lovely! I always get inspiration from movies.... this month I'm going to Santa Barbara for a French Movie Festival - I hope to get a lot of inspirations as well! Congrats on the interview you well deserved it!