Monday, July 13, 2015

Fall Fever

I am in full Fall fever mode over here, but I'm usually a season ahead of schedule anyways. I have no shame in celebrating so early because Fall is my absolute favorite season, and the earlier I am surrounded by all the gorgeous colors and pumpkin spices, the longer I can enjoy it. I have to keep one foot in Summer though, if only to appear normal, and I still have some fun Summer designs rolling around in my head I want to sew up and send out to my new brand reps.

I spent last week browsing fabric online and then headed to see what my local stores had to offer on Saturday, and I am too excited about the pieces that were chosen! I am seriously tempted to keep the plaid fabric for myself, and in all honesty, there will probably be Mommy and Me outfits from it. The matchy-matchy kind. Again, no shame.

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