Monday, August 4, 2014

Autumn/ Winter 2014: Inspiring Images

It may still be sizzling outside, but my mind is firmly fixated on cooler temperatures and the sound of crunching leaves. Fall has always been my absolute favorite season of the year, there are so many fun adventures to go on and delicious treats to sample. It's a bit of a shock though when I'm in this mindset and I open my front door to sweltering heat. I remedy this by pretty much staying indoors, and lately I've been working on the new Autumn/ Winter collection so I wanted to share some of the images that have been inspiring my work.
This incredible room belongs to Marjorie Skouras, a lighting designer who knows a thing or two about opulence! I love how rich the fabrics are, color-wise and texture, mixed with the different metals scattered throughout. It also has an accumulated feel that I like, as if everything in the room were collected over time after many adventures abroad.
There is so much going for this breathtaking picture by KieshaJean. The colors are sublime, and I absolutely want to dive right into that water and explore the riches of the sea. The rock face looks beautifully battered, but I'm a little leery of and intrigued by that cave opening.
I would have never thought these were smashed buttons, but that's exactly what jewelry designer Christine Marie Davis uses to make her beautiful stacked charms. I love how aged and worn they look, each one has its own quirks and beauty. They definitely feel as if they have countless tales to tell.


  1. I'm with you: fall is the BEST! I'm currently trying to beat the heat by taking sips of my kids' slushies

  2. I'm definitely not ready for summer to be over, but fall is my second favorite season. I love the colors!

  3. I agree.. those coin/smashed buttons are amazing.. so full of character.

  4. I want to dive into that second photo together with you!