Monday, February 17, 2014

Green Fairy Outfit Helps Celebrate Purim

I love the idea of my creations going out into the world and making little papooses everywhere happy. I want my clothing to give them the freedom to explore and use their imagination to create wonderful childhood memories. I get excited with every sale I receive, but the idea of international orders makes me so giddy for some reason. Maybe it's because I like to travel and want to see more of the world instead of my seemingly stale neck of the neighborhood, or maybe it's because I imagine my clothing going on a wonderful adventure that I can proudly claim to be a small part of.
A mom all the way from Israel contacted me awhile ago about the Green Fairy Dress Outfit with Matching Bloomer Bubble Shorts. I was delighted with her order and story because her little papoose is going to wear it for her birthday party and to celebrate Purim. She kindly explained it's the Jewish holiday equivalent to Halloween, and I thought that was so incredibly neat. I did read up a little on the holiday just because I was that intrigued; it is fascinating to learn new things, and Purim is such a big cultural holiday.

This is such a fun dress up outfit too, it's so carefree and whimsical with all the impish qualities of a fairy. It is sturdily sewn together to withstand all the wear and tear children give clothing, and I love that it has a scruffy, disheveled look to it, like the little papoose wearing it has just finished flying around the forest on the most wonderful adventure.

I packaged everything up nice and tight for the long trip to Israel, adding extra layers of tape to all sides. I like to include a little gift for all the moms and dads who purchase something from me because they specifically chose Papoose Clothing when there are many other options (including chain stores, not just small business owners). I am always amazed at that so I let them know with a little thank you note too! I hope the little papoose's birthday and Purim celebrations are amazing and memorable!


  1. Love this Ashley!

    It is a wonderful side affect from being a small-business owner that we get a glimpse into the private lives of our clients...that is, to learn from others - how they celebrate, commemorate, encourage.

    This little green outfit will make one little papoose very happy indeed :)

  2. What a beautiful dress. I'm sure the little girl will be delighted with it.

  3. Hey girl! I nominated you for an award on my blog today, can't wait to see your answers!

  4. That's such a fun shade of green! I bet the little girl is going to love it.

    Also--your turquoise custom dress was one of our favorite picks from the Look What I Made Linky Party last month. You're featured in the new party post today. :-)