Monday, February 24, 2014

Dresses of Bayou Bebe

I think dresses are the quintessential item for any girl to wear on any occasion, unless it's a sport activity or something similar,  of course. The right dress can make a girl feel feminine, pretty, and comfortable all wrapped up in a nice package. I have a lot more dresses in my closet than I do pants because I think they are so much more versatile and comfortable. I designed more dresses than outfits for the Bayou Bebe collection without even thinking about it, but a little girl needs that perfect dress too!
This gorgeous dress with its teal criss-cross trim is inspired by the root systems of cypress trees found in Louisiana bayous. I think the way the teal pops against the dark blue of the dress is amazingly beautiful. Many of my designs for the collection have a similar criss-cross effect because I loved the way it turned out, and cypress trees are so indicative of Louisiana. I let a few of the bodice trims cascade from the bodice so they can twirl and dance in the wind like branches in a storm.
This is a beautiful neutral dress that can be worn to so many occasions because of its versatility. Any color would coordinate beautifully with the soft creams and tans. I love the polka dot fabric of the main dress, and a matching fabric is seen in the pleated belt and appliqued flower petals. I think the pleated detail adds just the right amount of interest to keep the dress from looking boring. A sweet little keyhole cutout adorns the back too!
This has to be the sassiest dress in the collection, I can totally see a little papoose wearing it throughout the summer on simmering days spent outside and drinking sweet iced tea. I took the criss-criss idea and created a new pattern that allowed me to use the trim for shoulder ties that dangle playfully down the bodice. The double tiered skirt makes this dress beg for a dance full twirls to zydeco music playing in the background.
I had to have this polka dot print when I saw it because the colors were the perfect ones I had in mind for this collection. Greens with pops of teal makes everything seem alive and mystical. I used the pleated detail again in this dress but changed the style up a bit by creating a collar and two side belts instead of one. I love the simplicity of the dress, but it is so darling and carefree too with its timeless details.
As I was planning and creating designs in the initial stage, I had collected images and ideas that were inspiring me. Magnolia trees were definitely at the top of the list because I remember having the best magnolia tree in my front yard as a child, it was the only magnolia tree on my block you could actually climb as all of the other trees' limbs were too high to reach. I remember being fascinated by the blooms every year and how the leaves were a different color underneath, so I took those wonderful memories and stuffed them into this classic design full of ruffles and a big dramatic bow.

This dress has become my favorite design from among the collection because of the precious fabric used and the sweet little details. The print is of a swamp scene where various bayou critters are having fun with a little party that makes you want to dive right in and join them. The ruffle collar with a little keyhole and a big dramatic bow in the same polka dot print seen in the tiered underskirt work so well together in creating a timeless dress fit for any little papoose with a thriving creative imagination!


  1. That polka dot dress is so cute, I like the addition of the collar.

  2. I was going to say that........I LOVE polka dots!