Monday, February 3, 2014

Blue Ball Gown

I was contacted recently about designing a new ball gown for a sweet princess who loves to play dress up, and I jumped on the opportunity to create something custom for her. Queen Mother knew exactly what she wanted, and after looking at several of my listings, gave me an idea of all the details she wanted in the new dress. I love that she took elements of three different dresses I have listed in the shop to come up with a design fit for a princess!

Original Design Sketch
I am going to the store to look for princess fabric that has a little bling to it, that was the only stipulation to the fabric choices. Although I don't use a lot of trim or flashy prints, I'm sure I can find something that excites her and still stays true to my design aesthetic. I'm going to stick with soft blues and whites, maybe throwing in a bit of silver to keep things alive and dramatic. I think the dress is going to turn out beautifully, I can't wait to get started on it and see the finished product!


  1. Your design looks cute and blingy fabric sounds like fun :)

  2. I'd love to see the end result. How exciting for the little princess to get such a special dress.

  3. What a cute design and fun project! I love choosing fabrics :)
    Blue, white and silver sounds lovely!

  4. beautiful shop ashley .. and i love your sketch too.