Monday, February 10, 2014

Blue Ball Gown Reveal

Last week I talked about the custom request for a blue ball gown and posted the initial sketch concept. After talking it all out, a design was officially settled on that differed from the one I posted but still turned out beautifully. The Little Princess who receives this ball gown is going to look amazing, and the Queen Mother who wanted these specific elements from my other dresses definitely has an eye for design. I love that someone can have an idea and share it with me, then have the collaboration turn out so stunningly!

This dress is basically the top bodice of the Neutral Dusk Short Sleeve Peplum Dress from the Midnight Moon AW13 Collection and the skirt and back lacing of the Frog Princess Green and Yellow Dress from the Fairytale Collection. I think the different elements came together beautifully in the pale blues and whites I found in super soft cottons.

A little bling was requested to bring in some princess glam to the dress, and luckily I found a white fabric with silver glitter sparkles in a fun wispy filigree pattern that reminded me of magic trailing out of a wand. I used this for the ruffle on the bib, the bottom skirt, and the sash that laces down the back bodice to tie into a dramatic bow at the waist. I found two pale blues that complimented each other and had an angelic, fairytale quality to them that really worked well with the white. The skirt almost begins with the darkest shade and fades into the white like a soft cloud. 

I think this dress is beautiful with all the right elements sewn together, and I hope the Little Princess has the best time wearing it! She will be going on a family vacation soon, and I'm sure she's going to have a perfectly magical time dressing up and bringing out her inner princess!


  1. Oh, I just love the lacing up the back! So precious! I think you have the best job ever! :)

  2. Just so sweet. With the sad news of the passing of Shirley Temple today, this dress seems to have her name written all over it. I can just picture her wearing it tapping and singing away.