Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Work in Progress: Dress Bodice Top

I believe the Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection, Bayou Bébé, will debut sometime this weekend or early next week, although there is no official date set as of yet! I am THIS CLOSE to finishing last minute details, and I am excited to see it completed and out for all to see. This little preview is from the upcoming collection, a dress I have already completed but have not taken studio pictures of yet.

I recently acquired a new toy for my work, the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker, and get way too giddy when using it. I've had my eye on this puppy ever since it came out, but at over $100 at some stores, I thought I could keep doing it the old-fashioned way until I had the funds. Lo and behold, I was scanning one of my regional Facebook resell pages and came across this little gem for only $15, never used! Ummm...yes, please! It has definitely come in handy, especially with this new collection.
I have been using it like crazy with this trim detail I'm adding to many pieces in the collection. I love the structure it creates through the lines and hidden shapes. The idea came to me from the root systems of cypress trees that grow on the bayous, criss-crossing and growing out in random angles. I love the teal trim against the dark blue fabric of this particular dress, it really pops and adds so much interest and vibrancy.
This particular photo by Scott Campbell caught my eye with the roots of the cypress tree stretching and demanding your eye, so much so that if you're not paying attention, the tree just might grab hold of you! There is so much mysticism and wonder associated with bayous, they are breathtaking and foreboding at the same time, and this picture is amazingly beautiful. Hopefully my next post will be all about the official release of the new collection!


  1. I love seeing pictures of work in progress, and the tree photo is gorgeous. It looks like they're in an enchanted forrest.

  2. What a great inspiration for your project....the trees. Keep up the good work.