Monday, January 27, 2014

Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection: Bayou Bebe

It is finally here, and I feel like I need a mega introduction like those found on old scary movie posters. Don't walk, RUN! So fantastic it'll make you SCREAM! Not that I feel like collection is remotely scary, but I feel like I need a trumpet blaring whenever I release a new collection. This may happen one day, so I will put it now for future goals. Until then, Bayou Bebe is officially here with as much warmth and celebration as if a big brass band has been playing!
This collection has been a love story for me because I grew up in Louisiana so I feel a deeper connection to this line than past inspirations. I hope this relationship is evident in the clothing and speaks to people on a meaningful level, not just superficially. Although I hope people like the clothes for their own design merit, I hope people can understand the thoughts behind it and that I did my part in relaying a story.
Each piece has a significant name that is either derived from what inspired the design of the item or simply a name that is connected to Louisiana and/or bayous. For example the Cafe Au Lait Double Ruffle Top Bloomer Bubble Shorts is named so because of the color of the fabric used with fun little polka dots that reminded me of bubbles in a cup of chicory coffee Louisiana is known for. Also the Magnolia Leaf Green Ruffle Neck Tunic Dress is titled because I was inspired by the shape of magnolia leaves and designed the hemline and color of the dress after one of the most romantic and classic trees found in the south.
I imagined the little lady who wears this collection catching lightning bugs in jars, sipping iced sweet tea on a front porch, or dancing to zydeco music to make her skirt twirl. These are all things I clearly remember doing as a child and have fond memories of. I kept the studio pictures simple and mysterious, like a flash of clarity through the foggy bayou where anything could happen.
I am super excited to take model shots with the Little Papoose soon, I have so many ideas I want to see accomplished so stay tuned for those! Until then you can continue reading all about the individual details for each listing at the Etsy store.


  1. Congratulations on your spring collection! Love the large colorful bows!

  2. Woohoo! wonderful and looks like you've been very busy. love the little bloomer jumper in top row and the top/jacket below it. SWEET!

  3. Wow! These are incredibly adorable. Makes me want a child right now simply so I can dress her up! Probably not the wisest of choices though haha!
    Your designs are too cute!

  4. beautiful designs.. a great collection

  5. It's fun hearing your inspiration behind the pieces. Love the little dresses!