Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Custom Teal Request

As I know I've mentioned before, I love custom requests. I will continue to say it because the moms I get to work with are truly inspirational with their visions. I have yet to meet a mom who asked for something so ridiculous, unreasonable, and/ or insulting that has made me turn down their requests, thankfully! It makes me so happy to have customers enjoy my aesthetic and appreciate my abilities enough that they feel confident in entrusting me with an order sight unseen, just information that hopefully has been relayed and accepted properly.
An awesome mom contact me a few weeks ago about the Beauty and the Beast Princess Inspired Ball Gown. She liked the design and saw that I had made a version of it in mint but wanted to see what other colors I could do. I told her I could do any color so long as I could find matching pom pom trim. She mentioned an aqua/ teal color, so I immediately checked Etsy to see what small businesses had to offer.

Luckily, I came across Jaceycraft, a lovely little Etsy shop full of sewing goodies, and Jacey was able to create a listing for me with enough trim to finish the project. I absolutely love the way it turned out, the teal color is amazingly gorgeous. It's always a little tricky and nerve wracking when it comes to matching trim to fabric, but I got lucky! The dress is beautiful, but the cutest part is that the Little Papoose calls the pom pom trim "tickle balls!" How adorable is that?!
Also requested were two matching hair clips that could adorn her pigtails. I can just see some precious little girl dancing around in her "tickle ball" dress with bouncing pigtails having the best time! I made a simple yo-yo and attached a grouping of the pom pom trim in the middle, and I think they came out as the perfect accessories for such a darling dress.

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  1. Yes to pompoms! And I love the alternative name for them :-)

  2. that is the cutest dress and love the bright color

  3. I love the color on that dress. It's so pretty plus I think it's cute the little balls will jingle she moves around.