Monday, December 23, 2013

Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection: New Additions

Tis the season of having babies! I could count off all the people I know who are pregnant right now or who recently gave birth, but I would run out of fingers to count on. I am surrounded by all the new baby smells and the preparations and the anticipations. My own sister is due in the summer so we have a joint baby board on Pinterest where we compile all of our favorite decorating and baby related ideas. I love finding new kinds of things with her, but I have to admit, I am hesitant to pin anything because then everyone will start asking my if I am pregnant, which I am not. It would be fine if I hadn't been getting that same question from everyone for every year since Albert and I were married six years ago.

Original Little Papoose, 3 months old
Since I began Papoose Clothing as a side project for this little nugget up there, I naturally had only baby clothes starting out. I had a few occasional toddler sizes, but I figured if nothing sold, I would simply give them to her! It worked out well in the beginning, but now the hobby has turned into a thriving business.
My faithful notes and sketches
This new collection and the beginning of a brand new year has given me a brilliant idea. With all the babies I am coming into contact with these days, I thought why not make a few little baby pieces to be launched with the new collection. I have more than enough little models and most of them being from Louisiana where the new collection is based on. I just need to get started with that idea because the rest of the collection is almost completed and I will be visiting Gatlinburg soon! So what do you guys think, should I include a few wee sizes in the Bayou Bébé collection? Do you know as many new moms as I do right now?


  1. Great to hear you have some new inspirations for 2014! My sister just had her second baby in late October. I love her to bits! I can't believe how much I missed the new baby smell...not enough to think about having a third though...the sleep deprivation! Ugh! The worst torture I've ever known...

  2. I think the baby clothes would make a great addition to your new line!

  3. Ashley, that picture of your daughter at 3 months is so precious!
    Love her outfit :)
    And I agree with Marieken - baby clothes will be a wonderful addition to your line!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!