Monday, December 16, 2013

Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection: Theme

I am devoting all of my free time now to fabricating items for the new collection, and while I briefly talked about images that were inspiring me, I wanted to expand on the theme a little bit. I hope you were able to glean a little insight from the images because they all speak so well to the type of mood and colors I am going with. I am particularly attracted to these colors because green is my absolute favorite, and the murky blues and mysterious teals work so well with each other.
If you did not already know, I was born in Lake Charles, LA, where most of my family still resides. I take frequent trips back down to Cajun Country throughout the year to visit family and eat the best food imaginable. It is such an inspiring and mysterious and historical place, and I wanted this collection to represent all the wonderful things that are specific to Louisiana all on their own. It was easy for me to understand this theme, and I hope the collection has all the heart and soul I am pouring into it!
I have been struggling for months though and the name of the collection. There is so much to consider when dubbing a collection, I don't want to get it wrong, and there is so much I want to represent in the name. I knew I wanted to incorporate the mysterious qualities of the bayou, maybe the sound of zydeco music or the taste of shrimp gumbo, I became overwhelmed with it all. After weeks, literally, of rolling ideas around in my head, I finally settled on "Bayou Bébé." I think it perfectly sums up the location and the French influence that is so indicative of Louisiana.

I still have so much sewing to finish before I am ready to release the new collection, but I might have to post a peek or two into what I've finished before the official show off. I am cooking up a new idea for this collection as a sort of special addition for the little papooses to commemorate this specific theme that I know they will enjoy! Keep checking in to see more backstory for the new Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection Bayou Bébé!



  1. I LOVE the name you chose! And I loved reading the background story to your new collection!
    I love green with teal and blue. Sounds wonderful!

  2. I love greens and blues, curious about the peeks you're talking about!

  3. Great name, I love it! Congratulations :) Can't wait to see a peek!

  4. Sounds interesting.. looking forward to see more