Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Separates of Midnight Moon (Tops)

Wrapping up the Midnight Moon collection series by highlighting the tops. I designed them to work interchangeably with the bottoms, and I really do feel like this collection is perfect for mixing and matching. I kept the sleeves long since it's obviously for colder seasons where you need another layer of warmth, but I also kept in mind the muted colors. Although most of the tops were designed with coordinating bottoms, they are lovely additions to your little one's wardrobe in their own rights. Their neutral colors and storybook charm make them ideal blouses for this season!

This little top stands out from the rest because of its sweet details. I had been wanting to make a peplum top for awhile now, and I love the way it turned out. From the puff long sleeves with the added ruffle at the shoulders to the Peter Pan collar, this blouse has all the vintage inspired charm you're looking for! It is in a lovely winter white/ beige color with a very subtle floral motif pattern so it's a wonderful basis for any look. I pictured it paired with the Cats and Dogs Ruffle Top Bloomer Bubble Shorts and some black tights that can help her look fashionable even in the colder days!

I am so in love with this cat print, I can't even describe my feelings on the subject! I would take each and every one of cats could home with me if I saw them because they are so cute and friendly looking. I like to see what each of them are doing because some are sleeping, some are grooming themselves, some are smiling like they know a secret you're not in on. I want to take a marker and color in all the fun things they are doing, but it's a wonderful blank canvas to inspire an outfit! I paired it with a darling black and white polka dot print, and the Peter Pan collar and elbow patches really set off the whimsy factor. 

Continuing with my fascination of polka dots, I kept this top solely in a tiny polka dot pattern cotton fabric. I took my original Ruffle Neck Long Sleeve Shirt concept and bumped it up a notch by adding a drawstring so that a necktie could form into a bow. I designed it with the idea that the sash could be interchanged with other fabric choices, and I plan on continuing to make this pattern shirt so you could always switch out the neck ties if you wanted from different collections! I love the way it turned out, and it also aligns with my drawstring idea I had going with the Yellow Fern Drawstring Wide Leg Pants. I created it specifically to be worn with the Brown Vine High Low Ruffle Skirt with Matching Suspenders, but it is a wonderful basic blouse that could match anything.

I had originally created a design that was sort of a Winter jumpsuit idea, but after some consideration, I broke it up into matching separate pieces that would be easier to take on and off for potty breaks. My niece has been learning for a few months now, but sometimes one just has to go "RIGHT NOW!" I didn't want it to be too difficult a task to wear, so I created this blouse and the matching Starry Night Ruffle Top Wide Leg Navy Pants in the same fabric to look like a one-piece jumpsuit without the hassle of actually being one. I love the ruffle created at the neckline from the elastic, and the flowy feel of it is so bohemian and carefree!

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