Monday, September 2, 2013

New Logo with Parker Payge Designs

I had desperately been wanting to redo my logo for a long time, practically since I had the first one made. I used Vistaprint for the initial branding because it was so convenient, and I was hopelessly unaware of what it meant to have your very own business logo that no one else has. The basic idea had been rumbling about in my head for awhile, but it wasn't until I came across Parker Payge Designs through an Etsy search one day.

Veronica Lowe-Brumley, or Roni, is the mastermind behind this business, which is named after her two children. Her simplistic approach was modern and refreshing, especially surrounded by frilly and over-the-top designs that I knew I did not want. She notes "Simplicity, Strait lines, Modern strait fonts, Minimal graphics, Modern Unique Edgy Designs" as key elements of Parker Payge Designs. I wanted a streamlined overhaul but with a whimsical factor, so I knew I was in the right place when I contacted her.

Her prices are very affordable, considering the time, expertise, and accessibility she offers to make your design absolutely perfect! She took a little idea I had and transformed it into what Papoose Clothing is about: modern, whimsical, imaginative, free-spirited. You can choose to have a custom design made especially for you, or you can choose from one of her pre-made one-of-a-kind designs. Another awesome feature? You can add on Facebook covers, Etsy banners, and other important marketing tools to make your business look cohesive. She can also print that awesome new logo on whatever you need to succeed as a business owner! Whichever option you chose to go with, Roni will be there to make sure you have the best representation of your business.

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  1. Great logos! I really need to buck up and make one for my fantasy art soon, considering my day job is a graphic designer. ;D

    ♥ aquariann
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    1. You should, I love your blog design, so I know you could make something beautiful!