Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fabrics and Feelings Behind Midnight Moon

With the Autumn/ Winter Collection in full swing, I wanted to talk a little more about what inspired me as I was creating this collection. Back in the summer, I had been seeing a lot of mustard so that was definitely influencing my color palette. I was loving that color and wanted to use it as a foundation piece. I went to the store specifically with that direction in mind, it was going to tie in all the beautiful colors of Fall but also work nicely through the winter season with the other fabric choices I was going to make. What did I do? Go in a completely different direction!

As soon as my eyes spotted this fabric print, I fell in love! Everything I had planned went out the window, and I went with my gut instinct. The way the sweet cats and dogs are seen playing and exploring tickled my imagination. I could see them playing out in the garden and seeing mysterious things no one else saw, delighting in fragrant flowers, and maybe seeing a glimpse of fairies.

I spent hours walking up and down the fabric aisle trying to match fabrics and create a cohesive look. I love the fabrics I chose, they all work together to tell this soft little story that really spoke to me. Instead of the saturated tone of a mustard color, I went mostly with very soft and muted shades that include a pale pink and beige/ nude color. These are offset by deep blacks and navy blues for balance.

I chose my original Cats and Dogs print fabric to be the basis for the collection. Every other choice revolved around it, so of course I was excited to make the first dress out of it. As I finished that first dress and continued making the rest of the collection, I kept thinking about nighttime adventures and how things are so much more mysterious and more like a fantasy with all the twinkling stars out. I remembered staying up late with my friends making up stories to tell one another in the moonlight, and so it just felt natural to name the collection "Midnight Moon." It captures the feeling, colors, and emotions of the fabrics and the designs so perfectly, and I'm still imagining what those cats and dogs are up to on their midnight walks!


  1. Fascinating to get a glimpse of your thought process!

  2. I will have to go and check out your shop (and new website) for your fall collection! =0)