Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dresses of Midnight Moon

I love dresses. I wear a lot of dresses. I think dresses are so much more comfortable than jeans. Dresses are usually my go-to outfits because (little secret about my personality) you don't have to match it with anything like you would with separates. It's already a built in outfit, you know what I mean? So much less time spent putting pieces together. Plus, dresses are so lady-like and feminine, and little girl dresses have to be some of the sweetest things around. That's why I love to design dresses. (How many times can I say dresses in this post?)

Rough draft sketch ideas
I somehow always manage to design a lot of dresses every collection, so I am continuously building on or redesigning ideas I haven't manufactured yet. I get a lot of inspiration from watching old movies and looking at vintage patterns from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s when there were so many lovely design elements in an outfit. Dresses were impeccably made and the attention to detail was amazing, so I try to continue the tradition in that sense.

Since this is an Autumn/ Winter collection, I knew I wanted dresses that could be worn differently and accordingly with specific weather conditions. I know in other parts of the country where people actually experience all four seasons and not just hot and humid or hot and arid, one would need layers of protection against something called snow and icy wind. So, I drew up some options I thought would look cute when paired with cardigans or long sleeved shirts.

I love the details of this little dress! The print of the dress is really playful with the cats and dogs and the colors are sweet and muted. I think the bib design paired with the Peter Pan collar really adds a whimsical element that's not too over-the-top. I also like the puff-sleeves with a ruffle at the wrist from the elastic. The sash tied into a bow at the back allows for a better fit, and the whole thing comes together to create this darling dress that lets your little one have fun, be imaginative, and look stylish all at once! 
I designed this dress with a nod towards the White and Cream Reversible A-line Top with Front Bow Detail. Continuing with the kitty cat theme originating from the first dress, I added a new fabric full of fun little fluff balls ready to excite your little girl. I also kept the muted blush color as the yoke fabric, but I used a polka dot print for the skirt to add a bit of whimsy. Add some tights and a cardigan, and she will be the coolest cat on the block!

I've had this design in my head for months. This is also a little homage, but this time to the Ariel Inspired Pink Ball Gown. I love the peplum, that design is so popular right now, but I wanted to take the charm up a notch. I wanted puff sleeves and ruffles and a great big bow. I love the way the side ties wrap around the waist at the back and tie together at the front. I think the two soft colors pair beautifully together, they remind me of the subtle hues the moon casts at night. This dress really solidified the name "Midnight Moon" for me when it came to dubbing the collection.

Continuing with the peplum idea, I wanted a more linear option to juxtapose the curves of the previous dress. I kept most of this dress at a 90 degree angle, from the peplum to the bib and the neckline. I liked the way the strict cut played with the flowing medallion pattern fabric of the main dress. It allowed the dress some softness, along with the buttery yellow that picks up the yellow in the other fabric. The blues and silvers in the main fabric are gorgeous, they brought out all the mysterious qualities of a brisk Fall night.

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