Thursday, August 22, 2013


If you will remember my last post, I mentioned the possibility of moving to either Washington D.C. or Montgomery. Well, since then, we have sold our house! It's amazing what a week can do because an offer came in, was countered, then accepted all within seven days. The inspector came today, and I was naturally nervous anyways, but he stayed for over FOUR hours! I have never experienced nor heard of such a thorough scrutiny before, it was nerve wracking and annoying at the same time.

Our little nest!

People keep asking me if it's hard leaving, and I've been dismissing any sentimental reasons because we've been doing major renovations since we moved in. I've lived without a master bathroom for 2+ years, with sawdust on every surface, walking on subfloors or not-yet-removed shag carpet from the 70's. We never really made it our home in the true sense of the word, but now that the sale is contingent on us finishing all the projects, I'm just now seeing the fruits of our labors and the vision come to life! It will be bitter-sweet since it was the first house we bought together, but I'm definitely welcoming the change!

We have (had?) a lake for a backyard!

The one aspect that tugs on my heartstrings is my studio. I never really got it to where I wanted it to be (as with the whole house), but it was fairly close. It is organized as best as it can be under the circumstances, and I have two whole rooms dedicated to my passion. A studio space will definitely be high up on the "Must Have" list for the new house, but I'm a little worried it won't be what I'm accustomed to.

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