Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Goodbye Studio, Hello Dining Room

We closed on our house yesterday, so it is official: I no longer have my awesome studio space, and I am now relegated to the itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, wee little dining room space we now have at our rental. Our poor spare bedroom is stacked to the ceilings with boxes like a storage unit. I don't want to unpack everything and settle in until we know what/ where our definite plans are. Literally the first boxes I unloaded were from the studio, and I have only the essentials out for use.

I had taken some pictures of my work spaces with my phone during the whole renovation hassles, and it was also in the middle of constructing Midnight Moon, you can see the beginnings of the Long Sleeve Kitty Cat Peter Pan Collar Blouse on my sewing machine. I loved the space because it was big enough for me to organize without being too expansive. It was still cozy with its peach walls and sweet nooks and crannies. Definitely going to miss the space, even though I had no wall areas from the slanted A-frame roof.

 I had two sewing machines up at all times, one usually for white and one for color, and two sergers, one with white thread and one with black.

 A corner for my fig leaf tree, original works of art (humorous portraits Albert and I painted of each other), and my ever growing thread collection!
A comfortable chair for guests, including my sweet niece who loves to mess play with my thread and have a "tea party," hence the tea set!

 One of three mannequins and my organizing boxes I needed on a daily basis. That hope chest was my Mom's and was full of scraps I had collected over the years, you never know when you might need them!
One of my fabric storage systems, my sweet hubby actually built it himself when we were dating for my vase collection. I have since donated them all and now use it for FABRIC!

My work desk where I did all the "boring" stuff behind the scenes. You can also see my embroidery machine peeking out from the corner.

My inspiration and business board where I kept a monthly calendar and essential information. This was my cutting table and packaging center.

Probably one of the best purchases I've bought, I love my hanging rack. It stood right beside my cutting table and held my most frequently used patterns, along with the finished garments I was working on for the new collection.
Yes, I am lamenting my studio, but I am excited about what God has in store for us next. I know this is just a transition period, and I am sure I will move into a space that will be even more amazing than my last one! I'm sure of it because that will be my biggest "must" for the new house! 

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