Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mouse Character Inspired Polka Dot Cross Back Dress

Ok, so maybe not a princess, but still a wonderful animal dress up character. So I knew exactly what I wanted to make long before I actually made an outfit. It was actually a modified version of the Mouse Character Classic Red and Black Bubble Outfit. I had scratched the idea of the mouse silhouette for the yoke piece and went in another direction. I still loved that idea though, so I decided to use it for this little dress outfit!

Discarded early versions
Of course I had to keep the polka dots, I mean, take away the polka dots and you take away everything sassy and fun! I had a hard time deciding between red and white polka dots or pink and white polka dots. The older version is the red and white, while nowadays, every little girls wants usually pink and white. I liked both, but I felt the red and white was more classic. Plus, since the other design is sewn with red, I felt like the two should match!


It is such a sweet and simple outfit that really evokes classic style! I always like shoulder ties that cross at the back so I added that detail. The skirt is so full and girly, I can just imagine a little girl twirling and popping her foot. Add a fun bow and you're all set!

Waiting to go inside the park!

Getting ready for her very first hair cut!


Look at the sweet hat they gave her afterwards!

Sweet family picture!

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